In today’s economy, many parents are finding that it is necessary to move to find steady employment. This relocation is challenging enough for a married couple to handle. In situations involving divorced or unmarried parents, the complications only increase. That’s why you need to call a relocation lawyer to help.

20 Years of Experience Handling Relocations

At the law offices of Paul Panico, he has the experience you need to understand the implications of relocation on your family after a divorce or dissolution. For nearly 20 years, attorney Paul Panico has represented parents seeking to relocate as well as parents who wish to deny the right for the other parent to relocate with their children.

We understand how concerned you are, and will work to find a practical solution to your situation. Contact our relocation lawyer today for a free consultation in Columbus, Ohio.

Focusing on What Is Best For Your Children

Relocation can arise for various reasons, including employment or the possibility for a new family life. However, what may be best for the parent may not be best for the child. Courts will consider many factors in hearing the relocation request, including the child’s acclimation to the current situation, how the child is doing in school and how the relocation would facilitate or harm parenting time.

To ensure your interests are pursued, seek the assistance of an experienced legal professional as soon as possible. There are strict timelines and guidelines that must be followed when seeking or contesting relocation. An experienced lawyer will work to uphold the rights of the parents while keeping the best interests of children at the forefront.

In the end, the court cannot prohibit you from moving. However, if the court decides the move is not in the child’s best interests, it will prohibit you from taking the child out of state.

Contact an Experienced Columbus Relocation Lawyer

Whether you want to relocate with your child or want to stop the other parent from relocating with your child, you will have a strong ally in us. Contact our Columbus relocation lawyer, Paul Panico, for a free consultation at no risk to you. We can travel to you if you cannot come into our office.