Ohio law provides an option for joint or shared custody.  In that situation, a parenting plan is a key document to help the parties effectively co-parent — minimizing the impact of the divorce on the children and establishing structure and routine for them during this difficult time.

As a divorced father, Paul Panico has been through the process of creating a parenting plan both as a father and as an attorney.  He knows how challenging it can be to work out the details of such a plan.  His personal experience is an invaluable asset to his clients, as he can provide unique insight into the creation of a plan and any disputes that may arise along the way.

Paul has practiced in the field of family law in Ohio for nearly thirty years, dedicating his career to helping families work through these complicated and trying matters. He will advocate for your best interests and those of your children, bringing his skill, knowledge, and compassion to your case to achieve the best possible resolution. Paul represents clients in Columbus and the surrounding areas and offers free initial consultations. 

Drafting a Comprehensive Parenting Plan

Shared parenting requires both parents to participate together in the decision-making process. An effective parenting plan governs not only the schedule for custody and visitation, but it also provides a framework for the decision-making ability of each parent. When drafting a parenting plan, several key factors should be included, such as child support, health insurance, tax dependency exemptions, health care and extracurricular activities.

Putting together a comprehensive parenting plan is critical to peacefully co-parent a child or children after a divorce.  Anticipating and providing for potential areas of dispute can be the key towards reaching this goal of working together to raise kids after a divorce. A seasoned family law attorney can assist in the process, making sure that potential areas for dispute are covered in the plan.  For example, if the parents differ on how medical issues should be treated, the parenting plan can spell out how emergencies and routine medical care should be handled. Having a plan in place can guide families and help them make better decisions in accordance with the plan. If religion may be an issue for the parents, the plan can set forth what religion the children will be and how services will be handled if they take place during the other parent’s custody time.  Predicting and addressing these issues will help both parents co-parent effectively and with fewer arguments.

A parenting plan will also specify when each parent has parenting time or visitation.  A schedule will lay out who has custody at holidays, on weekends, and during the summer.  This will help families plan in advance for vacations, time off of school and trips to see families.  It can also help to maintain stability for the children in the aftermath of a divorce.  Paul Panico is skilled at drafting parenting plans.  He will investigate every factor of the case to put together a workable plan that protects your parenting rights and promotes the best interests of your children.

Parenting Plan Attorney in Columbus, Ohio

If you need assistance with putting together a comprehensive parenting plan, Paul Panico can assist you. With more than two decades of family law experience, Paul has the skill and knowledge to draft a parenting plan that helps you peacefully co-parent with your former spouse.  Contact his office today to schedule a free initial consultation.