Many couples are looking for ways to collaborate in their divorces, and in so doing minimize emotional and financial impacts while working through a difficult transition. You may have what appears to be deep and genuine disagreements on some issues related to child support, child custody, spousal support or property division, but it is possible to work through these issues and reach a fair solution.

Seeking to Minimize Divorce Conflicts

Uncontested Divorce LawyerExperienced uncontested divorce lawyer, Paul R. Panico, will work with you to understand all of the aspects of your unique situation, and give you the peace of mind to help relieve some of the stress that has built up. We are committed to providing the best combination of advice, experience, a cooperative attitude and responsive attention while keeping the costs of your uncontested divorce within reason. Call 614-326-4074 or contact us for your free initial consultation at our Columbus, Ohio, office.

Pursue the Cost-Efficient Processes of Uncontested Divorce or Dissolution

A dissolution is the fastest and most economical approach to ending your marriage. However, you must have no children to be eligible for the dissolution process. If you and your spouse are in complete agreement on the issues involved in your separation, but do have children, you can pursue an uncontested divorce. This process is quicker than contested divorces and will still save you money. We can also pursue the uncontested divorce with a private judge, allowing you to handle this matter in a dignified and more convenient manner.

Seek Legal Representation From a Skillful, Effective Lawyer

Attorney Paul Panico has nearly 20 years of experience handling uncontested divorce and its related issues for clients throughout central Ohio. He has the experience, compassion and practical wisdom needed to help you throughout the process. He will draft all documents for you and submit them to the court. If your spouse is unable to appear in court, but is in agreement with you on all matters, bring your situation to our firm. We can provide the comprehensive counsel you require to finalize your divorce.