At the law offices of Paul Panico, we represent men and women throughout central Ohio who are on either side of the civil protection order petition. If you are currently in an abusive situation or someone has made a false accusation of domestic violence against you — do not wait to speak with a lawyer. Contact us for a free consultation today.

What Can a Civil Protection Order Do?

Known as a restraining order, obtaining a civil protection order is one of the first legal steps you can take to protect yourself against assault or family violence and domestic abuse. To make that happen, we will guide you through the necessary steps and represent you in the domestic relations court hearing. Once there, our firm will state your case as aggressively as needed to protect your rights and safety.

Civil Protection Order Defense

An accusation of family abuse or violence can be devastating — especially if you are currently embroiled in a divorce or child custody dispute. It can prevent you from seeing your children, from being able to go certain places, and from having access to your own home and property. Unfortunately, false accusations are becoming more common as people have recognized them for what they are: a shortcut to victory. If you have been falsely accused, attorney Paul R. Panico will vigorously and aggressively fight to protect you from having this powerful legal tool misused against you.