Parental alienation is an unfortunate side effect of divorce. Whether through conscious decisions or subconscious actions, parents can inundate children with subtle cues and negative feelings about the other party. This, sadly, can have a disastrous effect on the child’s relationship with the targeted parent and the child’s overall mental health. If you are concerned that this might be happening, we encourage you to contact our office to speak with our parental alienation lawyer Paul Panico.

Protecting Children’s Best Interests

Parental Alienation LawyerAt the offices of Paul Panico, our parental alienation lawyer has experience guiding clients through even the most complex family law matters. In our experience, the best way to handle disputes is through the court system. That way, there is a complete record of the discussion and you do not have to rely on verbal agreements. If you fear that your child is being subjected to parental alienation, you should act quickly to protect yourself and your child’s mental state.

A Lawyer Taking a Stance Against Parental Alienation

The court approaches allegations of parental alienation with a great deal of disfavor. It can be difficult to prove because a significant portion of the conversations take place behind closed doors. Having said that, the court will levy devastating penalties upon a parent when alienation can be proven to occur. Whether this alienation comes in the form of specific acts such as buying toys or going to sporting events, or covert acts it should be dealt with in great haste.

It is important to remember that alienation does not always have to occur from parent to parent. It is possible that a parent will seek to color a child’s impression of a grandparent, aunt or uncle.