A paternity test is a valuable first step for both mothers and fathers. While the process is relatively straightforward, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced Columbus paternity lawyer who can provide legal advice and representation.

Decades of Experience Applied to Your Case

Columbus Paternity LawyerAt Paul Panico, Attorney at Law, we have more than two decades of experience handling cases involving a wide range of family law matters. We understand the importance of properly establishing paternity as it relates to both rights and responsibilities. Our goal is to reach a successful resolution in the most efficient manner possible. Contact our law firm in Columbus, Ohio to speak with an experienced paternity lawyer.

What Does a Paternity Test Determine?

Generally, paternity testing is an administrative process. There is a common misconception, however, that once paternity is established, it also confers upon the father some sort of custodial rights. A paternity test is just one step in that process. Establishment of paternity is necessary for the allocation of child support, but it does not give the father any rights for decision-making or visitation. In other words, this test can establish parental obligation rather than parental rights.

We understand that both parties have an interest in the establishment of paternity through a DNA test. Recent changes to the law and current legislation allow this practice area to constantly evolve and change with the times. Count on our firm to remain current with any modifications and steer you in the right direction.