No single family dynamic is the same, which is why the law offices of Paul R. Panico strives to create parenting time agreements that are uniquely tied to the parties involved.

For nearly 20 years, attorney Paul Panico has been providing personalized family legal representation to individuals throughout central Ohio. Even more, attorney Panico has been through these legal processes himself. He understands how to create parenting time agreements that resolve your situation without driving up costs or emotions.

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Seeking Equal Access for Parents and Their Children

Parenting Time AgreementsIt is most important to keep the end goal in mind while drafting creative parenting time agreements, which govern what most people know of as child custody and visitation. When all other things are equal, all parents and children should have equal access to each other. The parenting time agreement then works as a means to make the transition from one home to the other easier on everyone involved, and can truly help in maintaining as many family traditions as possible.

The parenting rights and responsibilities agreement can discuss a variety of aspects involved in parenting time, including:

  • The exchange of time
  • Extracurricular activities
  • School, religious and health care decisions
  • Holidays and vacation
  • Relocation

As long as both parents can work together to create a complete plan that works to benefit themselves as much as the children, the sky truly is the limit to how creative you can get.

There Are Times When Creative Collaboration Does Not Work

Under certain circumstances, it may be inappropriate to try to collaboratively create a parenting time arrangement. This includes situations where you feel the other parent’s access to your child should be restricted in some manner due to substance, drug or physical abuse. Do not ignore your legitimate concerns. Speak with a lawyer who truly cares about you and your children.