Decades of high-quality legal representation

For nearly three decades, principal attorney Paul R. Panico has offered high-quality legal representation to clients throughout central Ohio. Our firm focuses its practice exclusively on family law, giving us an unparalleled degree of knowledge and experience in divorce, child custody, support and other domestic relations issues. As a premier Columbus family law firm, we offer empathetic and diligent legal counsel to help our clients through their legal problems.  

Our firm handles both complicated and simple divorce and child custody matters. Whether your case involves significant assets and a business or professional practice or is a straightforward stepparent adoption matter, we can help. We have in-depth knowledge of Ohio family law and procedure; we also keep abreast of developments in state law and courts that could affect our clients’ cases. We help our clients achieve their goals in their family law case with thorough preparation, attention to detail, and sensitivity.

At Panico Law Group, LLC, we are advocates in the true sense of the word. We listen to our clients to gain a deep understanding of their needs and desires for resolving their divorce, dissolution, child custody or support matter. With that end goal in mind, we counsel our clients on the various options available to them. By providing creative solutions to their legal dilemma, we give our clients the ability to make the best possible choice to protect their parental rights and their finances. While you may be overwhelmed, our guidance can help you through the process.

"We try our best to get you to the best possible resolution for your family."
Always Available

Family law matters are emotional. If your issue involves the breakdown of your marriage or a difficult decision regarding shared custody of your children, we will sit with you and help you work through what needs to happen next. 

Educating Clients

We strongly believe that clients who are well-informed on the facts of their case and the law will make better decisions that can save them the time, money and stress of a litigation process that could take a long time to resolve. 

Skilled Negotiators

Our team is skilled at negotiating and can often reach peaceful resolutions to thorny legal problems. We'll fiercely advocate for you, and if litigation is necessary, we'll fight aggressively for you, keeping your best interests in mind.

While we pride ourselves on our compassionate representation of our clients, we also know that an honest assessment of their legal situation is key to making a smart choice about moving forward. There are times when going to court is absolutely necessary — and times when the best course of action is negotiating an agreement so that everyone involved can move forward with their lives. 

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We offer free consultations for all potential clients so that you can understand your rights and options. If you need family law help in central Ohio, contact our office today to learn more about how we can assist you in resolving your case so you can move forward with your life.